Anthony Darkstone In Conversation with Eugene Burger

As some reading this may be aware I have written a series of articles entitled, “Anthony Darkstone in Conversation With… “ featuring many of the major names in the business.  For some reason the following article which was written some years ago was not included in that series.  No real reason except that sometimes for reasons which we are not privy to things occur. Since the passing of The...

Eugene Burger: An Inteview with Max Maven

[On June 1, 2003, Eugene lectured to a packed house at the Magic Castle. After performing and discussing four routines, and explaining one of them, he introduced Max Maven, who conducted an on-stage interview. This was transcribed by Robert Charles, and then trimmed by Maven’s heavy editorial hand.] EUGENE BURGER: When I was thinking about this lecture I said to Max, “You know, you interview all...

“24/7” – Game On by Geoffrey Grimes

An inaugural recipient of the “Eugene Burger Legacy Award,” Geoffrey Grimes, a member of the IBM and SAM, is a performing magician and 2019 president of the Fort Worth Magicians Club. “Hey, magic man!” came the shout from across the college plaza between buildings. “If you’re so good, man, you won’t have to reach into your pockets!” After years of staging community magic shows at the...

A visit to Mystery School and an interview with Jeff McBride by Av Dag Lofalk

I was in Las Vegas and had been in contact with Jeff McBride who had promised to set up and give a quick tour of his house and site of the Mystery School. Mystery School is a concept that he developed to support interested in magic and those who want to further develop their technique and presentation skill in the field of magic. Me and Kim Gordon who drove the car were searching for the correct...

Eugene’s Legacy by Lawrence Hass, Ph.D., Associate Dean

As I write this, the sunny heat of August has become the cool air and vibrant colors of late September. It is a refreshing time—the threshold of my favorite season. And this year early autumn brings something extra to my spirit: profound appreciation for our recently departed friend, Eugene Burger. For me, the shock of his death (in early August) has passed. The deep pain of personal loss is...

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